A Closer Look At A Larder Fridge

Published: 29th October 2010
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A lot of websites today are selling the Larder Fridges; however, there is not much information with regard to this. A lot of people can be found as to what exactly is a larder fridge. Well, to say in simple words, a larder fridge is the one which has no ice box or the freezer. One also might wonder who would want a fridge without an ice box. To answer this, people who already have a fridge freezer in their house to store frozen food but still lack space to store the normal food, may opt for the larder fridge.

Larder fridge is a great option to stores more food as there is no ice box and the same space is taken for storing more food which does not require to be kept frozen. Larder Fridges are available in the market in different models and sizes like the undercounter larder fridge and the tall larder fridge. The best part about these larder fridges are that they keep your food fresh for a longer time which makes them taste better too. The undercounter larder comes with the capacity of 130 and 150 litres whereas the tall larders are between 210 and 290 litres, depending on the models. Most of the larders come in white colors; however there are some models which are available in graphite and silver colors too.

We can also say that a larder fridge is just the right way to add more space to store the food items without adding extra freezer space, especially when you already have a freezer. Most people use the larder fridge to store the leftovers, cakes, vegetables or storing beers, milk and water. They look really great when placed in the kitchen as there is no extra freezer and there is a lot of space to keep things handy and fresh.

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